Streaming Or Torrent? Which Is Better To Watch TV Series & Movies?

raditionally, there have been two methods to view online content: streaming and torrent. Up until 5 years ago, to view pirated multimedia content over the Internet, it was almost always used to download it through P2P networks , as well as using some direct download web pages. With the fall of Megaupload and Megavideo, the direct download suffered a serious setback, and little by little became popular streaming online. But what is better, streaming or torrent?

The torrent: the basis of current piracy

While streaming is relatively recent, the Bittorrent protocol has existed since 2001, and gradually became the most widely used P2P file sharing protocol on the Internet thanks to its security. A torrent file can be shared by any user who downloads it, but only when its bits exactly match . If you modify a single bit, that torrent will be different and you will not be able to share its contents, thus avoiding the propagation of viruses if the torrent links are downloaded from secure sites.

Streaming pages that get their torrent content: slow and poor quality

A sad reality is that the quality of content that is on pirated streaming platforms, such as Pordede, leaves much to be desired . Torrents of lower quality are usually taken due to their small size, and in many cases these are once again compressed , so that the resulting quality leaves much to be desired in exchange for receiving the content with the greatest possible immediacy.


The low quality of the content also has to do with how the content is downloaded. Despite the fact that the average connection speed in Spain continues to increase thanks to the rapid growth of fiber optics in our country ( the average speed was15.4 Mbps in the last quarter of 2016 ), the companies that manage Pirated content does not offer a high download speed to save money on servers.

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And in pages like Pordede, in case we want to download something to have it on our computer, we have to resort to services such as Uploaded or Rapidgator , with slow download times and rough speeds , as well as limits on the amount of files we can download . In general, the speed limit on streaming content on pages that links Pordede is between 600 KB / s and 1 MB / s, which is only compatible with heavily compressed versions of the content.

Torrent: choose the quality of the content you see and how you see it

In the case of torrent, the limitation is practically non-existent. In these portals we find all kinds of content with which we can enjoy the highest quality. In the best pages to download torrent in Spanish, the vast majority of these offer different qualities to download movies , from HDTV in some series to 1080p in movies. And all with audio in Spanish that we can comfortably enjoy, or in a subtitled version in case the dubbed version has not yet come out in Spain.

Streaming torrent

Even if a movie that we want to watch is only in microHD or with too much compression, if it has been removed from the Blu-ray, we can surely synchronize it with a higher quality version downloaded from an English-speaking page; Even with the full uncompressed Blu-ray, using simple tools like MKVToolNix.

Having downloaded the file on your computer has more advantages than you think

Usually, many users do not see it as handy downloading content as they claim they do not have that need to “own” the file. Unfortunately, this is a factor to take into account, since with more frequency than we would like, the direct download or streaming pages close by arrests or threats from the authorities , or simply the content we want to see is removed For DMCA claims.

With the torrent, popular content that hits the net is already very difficult to disappear, at least in films and series in the original version, and thanks to use the P2P system to transfer files. Even if websites are closed (as happened with KickAss or Extratorrent ), the torrent still exists in the network and in the trackers and appears in other repositories, making it much more resistant to the authorities.


In torrent, it is usually difficult to find low quality content. The rules of the content that is uploaded and recorded are very rigid, and the versions with more seeds are usually 720p and 1080p minimum, and in the last year is growing the amount of content in 4K and that is compressed with the codec HEVC, which allows to maintain quality while reducing the space it occupies.

Downloading the movies or series that we are going to see entails many more advantages. We can enjoy the content on the device we want, for as long as we want , and even without needing an Internet connection. With streaming, the best conditions for viewing content are more limited.

The download speed is another factor in favor of the torrent. While direct download has speed limitations in services that are paid and offer a limited free mode, in the torrent speed is determined by the number of people who have the file that we want.


Normally, if you have a lot of people, the download speed will be very high. In streaming, this speed is limited, so the content quality is too. Even at the same speed, we can allow it to be quietly downloaded in torrent, while in streaming this can not be completed even if we leave it open for hours due to the way these services work (on YouTube, for example, this happens) . The torrent allows what has been done has done so safely and so, if we have a slow connection, although the content is late download, eventually we will get it to download.

Seeing the downloaded content in our computer also allows a greater personalization , since we can add you the subtitles that we want, as well as enjoy a higher quality of sound, either in AC3 or DTS , especially if we have an amplifier compatible with these codecs Of audio.

You can mix the best of both worlds with shows like Popcorn Time

The only advantage you have to use a streaming service is that immediacy to enjoy a certain content. Even in these cases the service is surpassed by other streaming based on torrent and P2P networks, such as Popcorn Time , which basically uses torrents and download them in order to be able to first visualize the parts that are being downloaded, being able to choose the audio language And image quality as well as subtitles. In addition, with Popcorn Time we will be sharing at the same time with another user the movie or series that we are seeing, making the service more stable. Even the qBittorrent itself allows to download a file in sequential order to prioritize the first parts in front of the rest.

Torrent content is distributed at the same time that we download it, as well as we can share it for as long as we want. In addition, we can play it offline on any device we want, while with online streaming we will be limited to Kodi addons , Android media players or computers. Youtvplayer iOS app and its counterparts also perform well for such purpose.

Popcorn time

In short, the sharing of content on the Internet is based on P2P networks. If they disappeared, they would also disappear the streaming pages. However, if the streaming pages disappeared, P2P would still exist . Even so, streaming offers quick and easy access for less advanced users, which can lead you to later use more complex methods, being a convenient method of entry , and can even get you out of a hurry on occasion.

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