How To Install KODI 17? [Complete Guide]

install kodi 17

Kodi 17 Krypton has changed a lot since its days as XBMC, and continues to improve every day. Krypton is the new version of Kodi and its user interface “Estuary” has changed a lot, and the installation of add-ons changes completely. In this guide we will show you how to install Kodi 17 Kripton from scratch and using the new user interface.

To install it, first  download Kodi 17 according to your operating system and install it as usual.For Android users, Kodi can be installed from Google Play .

At first Kodi will look a little different than usual, but under that new interface things are very familiar.

install kodi 17

This new interface is called Estuary and is part of the great changes of Kodi. Aside from the user interface, there are new features, such as Amilogic ARM 4K chip support, and enhancements for live TV sources. To start installing unofficial add-ons, we must first prepare the interface to accept them, as security was increased to try to stop these add-ons.

Steps to allow installations from unknown sources. 

  1. First click on the gear that you see on the home screen to enter Settings.
  2. Enter System Settings
  3. Make sure you are in Expert Mode
  4. Select Add-ons and activate unknown sources
  5. A warning will appear, select Yes

With this you can start to install the add-ons from other external sources to Kodi. Now return by pressing the Esc key, or pressing the back button on your cell phone or remote control, we must be in the initial screen where you pressed the gear for the first time. Now let’s take a look at the steps to install repositories and add-ons.

Steps to install Add-ons on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Again enter the gear or Settings (Settings)
  2. This time we went into File Manager,
  3. In the menu on the left select Add Source
  4. Click on <None> (<None>)
  5. Type the following URL: and press OK
  6. Where it says “Enter a name for this source” (Enter a name for this media source) click on the box below and type Fusion , press Done and then OK.
    Note: if you wrote something wrong, here you will get an error, just enter the repository again and edit what you wrote).
  7. We do the same with another source:
    And below writes ” SuperRepo
  8. One more source
    And writes ” AdryanList
  9. Now go back to the home menu and enter Add-ons
  10. Select the package installer icon from the upper left
  11. Select Install from zip file (Install from zip file)
  12. Enter the new directory of “Fusion” and go to “Kodi-repos -> English” and install (one by one since each installing a repository will be returned to the Add-ons menu)
    – repository.exodus-xxxzip
    – repository.BlazeRepo-xxzip
    Note: Here the “x” stands for the version number, which is
    constantly updated.

  13. We enter the new SuperRepo directory and go to “Krypton -> all”, and install
    superrepo.kodi.krypton.all-xxxzip This if you have Kodi Krypton, for Jarvis, Isengard or Helix just go to the corresponding directories and install The repository that is inside the “all” folder,
  14. Enter the AdryanList directory and select
    Note: This is the only one that is not a repository, the Add-on installs directly.
  15. Now we click on Install from repository (Install from repository)
  16. As an example we will install Exodus, we enter Exodus Repository
  17. Video add-ons
  18. Exodus
  19. Continue to install the following Add-ons
    – Blazeteamer’s Repository -> Video Add-ons -> Velocity
    – SuperRepo All [Krypton] [v7] -> Video Add-ons -> LiveStreamsPro (to test lists)
    – SuperRepo All [Krypton] [v7 ] -> Video Add-ons -> Movie25
    – SuperRepo All [Krypton] [v7] -> Video Add-ons -> ColombiaTV
    – Kodi Add-on repository -> Subtitles -> – Kodi Add-on repository -> Subtitles ->
  20. If you are on Kodi’s home screen now all Add-ons will be available in Add-ons -> Video add-ons
  21. For the subtitles, we return to the initial screen of Kodi, we enter the gear of Configuration again. This time we enter into Player Settings
  22. We select Language and Preferred Subtitle Language.
  23. We select Spanish (Spanish) and Ok
  24. If you want the interface to be in Spanish, return to the settings and enter Interface Settings.
  25. We select Regional and then Language
  26. Here you have three options, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina) and Spanish (Mexico), select the one you want.

Ready, with this we have the perfect installation to watch movies and unlimited series Free!Each Add-on has its options, and here we include a brief description;

  • Exodus : This addon was born when Genesis died, the creators of Genesis made this Add-on very similar to its predecessor, it has new servers in GVideo and almost the same configurations. Recommendable!
  • Velocity : Movies and series in various qualities
  • Movie25 : If the movie you want to see is old or not well known, you’ll probably find it here.
  • LiveStreamsPro : To add live TV listings or videos in XML format, Google is your friend.
  • ColombiaTV : Live TV in Spanish.
  • AdryanList:  includes functional  TotalPlay channels  outside Mexico and many other channels. Updated constantly.

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