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We know that downloading series and movies is illegal in many parts of the world, not paying for access to content. Although 123movie app and its similar counterparts have made it fairly easy for users, but when there is no way to pay because the distributors do not deign to bring those films, which happens quite a lot depending on the country where you live, it happens that there are millions of people who can not legally access them to this healthy entertainment.

And despite globalization, movie and series premieres continue to have exclusivity in certain countries, leaving millions of people out, without even being able to pay for streaming. Something that really happens with services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and certain videos on YouTube.

And if the film industry does not understand that the best way to combat “piracy” is to open its contents to the whole world, “piracy” has a long way to go .

So while there is no legal availability of such content, parallel services will continue to proliferate, allowing you to enjoy your favorite series and movies, by  streaming , so that there is not a single file stored on your PC.

Let’s look at the options:

Popcorn Time


The best, by far. Popcorn Time  was the one that most destabilized an industry that in spite of billing millions, is incapable to produce software so simple and of legal form. Popcorn Time allows you to watch series and movies on the Internet, without complications and in any language. It can be  downloaded for Linux, Windows and OS X , offers subtitles in multiple languages, information and rating of IMDb, and the possibility of adding favorites. All the films offered come in excellent quality, 720 or 1080p, and the series in 480 or 720. Easy and no negative surprises.


Torrents in streaming

Developed by the people of Isohunt, the popular torrent download site, Isoplex  is an app similar to Popcorn Time and uses similar technologies, such as peerflix. Isoplex offers more videos than Popcorn Time because they index more variety of qualities, not only 720 and 1080p.

In addition, it is a portable app, so it does not require installation on the system. Works with Windows, Linux, and OS X.


Torrents in streaming

Peerflix is one of the technologies that use the first two that we mentioned and that allows them to stream the torrents. Peerflix can be used in raw form from any Linux distro and stream any torrent to your VLC.

Ace Stream

Torrents in streaming

Ace Stream is a multimedia content playback system based on a modified version of the popular VideoLAN VLC player, which supports virtually any existing audio and video format, adding special enhancements for streaming playback.

You can use the native player, or install the extensions for Chrome or Firefox and view the content directly from the web.


Moviepanda 1

MoviePanda is a relatively new application that works similarly to Popcorn Time, but dedicated only to movies, offering versions with qualities ranging from DVDRip to 1080p.

MoviePanda includes subtitles in multiple languages, IMDb ratings, and movie information with user-friendly and easy-to-use screens.


Torrentv 2

Hopefully developed for users of Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast. TorrenTV  lets you send any torrent to your favorite iOS device via airplay, and you can easily create executable files for Linux, Windows or Mac.

Torrents in streaming

It is one of the last that arose. Joker  is very minimalist and easy to use. It consists of a website, where we can paste any torrent or magnet link  and instantly start watching the video . It also has subtitles.

A simple formula: copy, paste, and give Play. It even allows you to handle the interface with keyboard shortcuts.

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